If I'm not a QA, here's what I'll probably be

During the last year of my college life, I used to be an Intern at a radio station and I can't help but get amazed on how the radio jocks run their segments. How they give advices on air and how they come up with resolutions on resolving relationships of other people. I used to dream of having my own radio segment for the longest time and have it named My Dear Doctor Love. Wouldn't it be nice to be inside a radio booth and give out love advices to broken-hearted people?

After that Internship, I started to create blogs about love and relationships, and even record voice overs on love advices. Writing about relationships makes me feel that I have a different side of me that I haven't revealed yet. Writing about relationships feels like exploring a different world full of possibilities - getting addicted to finding a love so pure that you could not ask for more. As what I have indicated on my relationship blog's About Me page, I do not have a Ph.D in Romance Physics, nor an MA in Relationship Chemistry. I did have my heart broken so many times but those experiences doesn't really qualify me as an expert in love. But wouldn't it be nice to consider being a Love Doctor or Match Maker?

It sounds thrilling resolving issues and creating new memories with new people. Love is a feeling that everyone wants to feel. It's funny how I've helped my friends' relationships bloom with the love advices I give but match making for myself don't work. Can a Love Doctor know that much about love?

With today's digital generation, match-making is as easy as pie. There are several free dating site that allows everyone to meet potential partners and love of their lives. I personally tried them and it always sound exciting and finding people who match your vibe. While most people just go for looks at first, finding your perfect match can feel as if you've won the lottery.

If I'm going to tell you honestly, going on blind dates and meeting people I've met over the internet makes me feel nervous. But sometimes, dating is worth the try. Although some people can find their match online, what's the probability that you can't find yours too?

If I can be Cupid for a day, I would pull my bow and arrow and hit the right spot of the heart of the man of my dreams. He is the man that I have prayef for sent by God - a man who would appear in front of me without hesitation. My arrows will have the power to have him initiate  and plan the best date I will never forget. 

He'll send me a big box wrapped in rose gold and ribbons. The box will have a fancy cocktail dress, purse, and pump heels that I will be wearing when I meet him.

He will prepare a chauffer and bring me the prettiest flowers - tulips, my favorite. He'll probably set up a candlelight dinner on top of the highest building in the city or rent an island for us. I will be walking on red carpet filled with rose petals as he patiently waits for me to come closer to him. 

And as I come closer to him, fireworks will start to pop like magic in the sky. He will give me the life-sized Panda stuffed bear and I will be hugging him tight. His perfume would smell like the scent that I've always longed. And he will love me just like how my heart would feel for him.

We'll spend the night watching the stars in the sky, talk about our dreams, and just enjoy the moment.

Sounds like a scene in a romantic drama?

That is my dream date with the guy I want to be with for the rest of my life. I haven't found him yet, though. Even if it takes a longer time - my dream of being a love doctor who can fix people's love lives can work for myself too. 

Match-making is now made easy with welovedates.com. Finding your potential partner in life is if FREE cost and would give you a lot of options and will help you meet single people who can match your personality. 

If I'm not a QA right now, this is what I'll probably be - a love doctor; a match maker! It sounds exciting and thrilling to venture a new career. If my dream date can just happen in real life, I would gladly use that strategy to people I will be match-making.

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