Beau n Beau - Secret 7 Skin - Review

There's a thing about Korean skincare that it has been a hype with beauty and skincare bloggers these days. We're obsessed with skincare because by using products like these, we are a step closer to achieve Korean glass skin. Don't get me wrong, I love my native skin but it doesn't hurt if we try something new to help improve our current skin condition.

I have a very sensitive skin and it is so hard for me to choose which one works for me. Some works for a short while, and some are just a blessing to work all the time. What I know is that, hoarding for skincare is best than hoarding for makeup. It gives me the sense of having these skincare products to take care of my skin, because makeup just tend to cover imperfections, while skincare does all the magic.

While most of us have very short attention span when it comes to reading reviews, I will do my best to keep this review short and understandable. So for today, let me share with you a quick review about the latest skincare product that I have tried - Beau N Beau Secret 7 Skin.

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I can't believe that there's a skincare product called Skin. Here's a quick trivia just in case you were surpised and confuse the two.

  • Skin is the first step of skincare, while Toner is the last.
  • Skin is used primarily to source hydration and soothing feeling after cleansing, while Toner is used to remove the remaining dirt after cleansing.
Amazing isn't it? I've been using toner after cleansing and I didn't know there should be another step before using it.

Beau N Beau Secret 7 Skin claims to quickly absorb into your skin to retain moisture and maintain vitality in the skin.

1. It does not contain alcohol
2. No AHA and BHA (No physical and chemical exfoliants)
3. No artificial coloring, paraben, or anything that may cause skin irritation.
4. It contains all natural ingredients to make sure that the skin is moisturized!

What you can do:

  • Put it in a spray bottle and work as a fresh mist, or;
  • Soak a dry sheet pad or mask and use it as mask pack
What I think:
  • It feels like you are just applying water to your skin
  • It only looks pink because of the bottle but the product itself is clear.
  • It is non-sticky when applied to the skin
  • The bottle is safe from leakage because it only has a small hole in the nozzle to dispense the product.
  • It also feels like a moisturizer especially if you follow the 7Skin Method (Repeating application 7 times for a supple and moisturized skin)
  • I didn't had breakouts after using this for more than a week, and my skin feels very soft.
  • I use it at night to get more visible effects.

Although I have read from other blog reviews that it helps tighten pores, it didn't do the same on me. Maybe I need to use it more before I achieve that, but so far, this Skin is doing a good job. I just love touching my face after using it because it feels like I have baby skin.

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