Althea Top 10 Christmas Wishlist ❤

If you're and avide fan of Korean Makeup and Skincare, you would know why I recommend them all the time. We all want to achieve Korean skin and Althea is the best avenue for all of those K-beauty madness.

It's Holiday season once again and Santa Althea is on the hunt for making Angels' wish come true! He asked us what is our top 10 Christmas wishlist so that he can spread some pixie dust and might send us some! 

Make my wish come true Santa Althea please!

Here are my top 10 wishlist (and is already on my cart lol). This Christmas, I am choosing makeup products for my trial makeup video.

1. Banila Co Prime Primer
I've been hearing so much good reviews about the Banila Co primer and I am excited to try how it can make makeups last long!

2. April Skin Magic Snow Cushion
This Cushion has been making rounds over the internet because of its full coverage. I wanna see if it's true!

3. Nature Republic Concealer
I wanted to hide my puffy dark eye circles and this Nature Republic concealer might do the honors

4. Too Cool for School Blusher
While I am not a fan of blushers all the time, this blusher from Too Cool for School caught my attention because it has a triple shade to give 3 different kinds of shimmer to your cheeks! Who wouldn't love that?

5. I'm MEME Tic Toc Lipstick Satin
These heart-shaped lippies are just too cute not to be bought, aren't they?

6. Etude House Play Color Eyes
This has been on my cart for quite sometime because I think I need more neutral eye shadow shades in my kit. 

7. Momo Waterproof Gel Liner
Always a fan of gel pen liners! I would never ever put this out of my list when buying makeup

8. Etude House Color my Brows
To be honest I haven't troed Brow Mascara yet so I wanted to give this one a try. It looks very promising!

9. Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer
I have short and thin lashes and I am wondering how this mascara can do the fixing and make my lashes look longer and fuller!

10. Marine Blue Makeup Brush Set
To complete my makeup look, of course I wouldn't forget these makeup tools to help me achieve my most desired Korean look!

I've been both naughty and nice this year Santa Althea, up to you to make my wish come true. But please make it come true lol

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