Smell Classy for Less with Prima Perfumes

Smelling good doesn't always have to be expensive. Would you believe that you can smell like your favorite French perfumes for below 400 pesos? No these are not Class A ones! Prima Perfumes are inspired by the scents of these expensive perfumes!

Price: 320php per bottle
Size: 40ml
Available Scents:
  • Sapphire Rose - Inspired by Lacoste Pink
  • Lewd Licorice - Bvlgari Amethyst
  • Serendipity - Paris Hilton
  • Louvre - Incanto Shine
  • Amedee - Sweet Pea
  • Yvonne - Chanel 5
  • Penelope - Jo Malone Fresca
  • Facade - Estee Lauder Pleasure
  • Thea - Jo Manlone Nectarine
  • Hannah - Lancome Marry Me
  • Margaux - D & G Light Blue
  • Jasmyne - Clinique Happy
  • Endure - Lacoste Red
  • Caleb - Bvlgari Amarra
  • Wild Blue - 1 Million Paco Rabanne
  • Panache - Hugo Boss
  • Poseur - Tommy Boy
  • Soigne - Polo Sport
  • Louche - Gucci Guilty
  • Radiant - Cool Water
  • Mon Amour - Invictus Paco Rabanne
  • Matthieau - Issey Miyake

Prima Perfumes offers a fine quality and long lasting fragrances inspired from the most famous essences made in France. Each perfume contains 25% oil concentration that will make you smell good for all day.

Jasmyne - Inspired by Clinique Happy

I got way too excited to use them so I have used 80% of Louvre already. To be honest, I am not into strong scents of perfumes. I haven't bought any perfume that costs more than 800 pesos. These perfumes from Prima Sassy Belle makes it possible to save money while smelling good.

Louvre - Inspired by Incanto Shine
Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works is my long time perfume eversince I started working after college. I can't believe that Amedee smells exactly like Sweet Pea! And what I can't believe more is that this perfume from Prima Sassy Belle lasts longer than BBW! Women's perfumes don't usually last long even if you apply them in the pulse area. They say that it's a technique if you want the perfume's scent to last longer. 

I have only used Louvre from these four scents but even though the rest of the scents were only tested once, it does last long! 

Amedee - Inspired by Sweet Pea
You will not believe me of I say that I have put my dress in the laundry basket and before I washed it 2 or 3 days after, I can still smell the Prima Perfume! I am amazed with the staying power.

I have tried looking for the expensive versions in the mall of these variants that I got and they all smell the same. I was wondering how did Prima Sassy Belle did it! 

Matthieau - Inspired by Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake was one of the scents that I am looking for because I have smelled ot from my officemate. When I saw that it is available from Prima, I immediately chose this scent. Unfortunately, this one is for men. It smells the same with the women version, just a bit stronger.

These perfumes are really worth the buy! You don't have to bring them anywhere for respraying because it will definitely last all day even after commuting!

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