Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy's Carrier - Seoul

I have been seeing this cute luggage bag all over Instagram and I've been wanting to buy it since last year. Unfortunately, there are only a few sellers who sell this but it's quite expensive. I am so happy that Althea sells them in their website, that is why when I was given the chance to shop again, I instantly included this luggage bag to my cart.

Where to buy: Althea Korea
Price: 1,170php
Comes in two colors: New York (Yellow); Pink (Seoul)

Give new meaning to "travel light" with Peripera's Mini-Mini Peppy's Carrier! This mini luggage bag is filled with 5 deluxe sizes of Peripera's best selling items for an easy makeup look on-the-go: Ink The Velvet, Ink The Airy Velvet, Vivid Tint Water, Ink Concealer, Multi-shadowing.

It also includes fun stickers to decorate your luggage bag! Isn't it cute?

Hand swatches from top to bottom: Ink Concealer, Ink Multi Shadowing, Vivid Tint, Ink Velvet, Ink Airy

What I think:

  • This luggage bag is too cute to be used! I don't even want to use it. I'll leave it on my desk only for display! 
  • Very convenient to bring because of the size. It will definitely fit inside your travel makeup kit.
  • Quite expensive for deluxe samples but worth the buy.
  • Each deluxe sample is pigmented at first swipe. You don't have to worry using too much of the product in case you want to save it for a long time.
This is going to be a perfect travel companion! In case you have no budget to get the full sizes from Peripera, this deluxe sample sizes will do.

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