Chica-Y-Chico One Kill Eye Liner - Review

I've been obsessed with liquid eye liners for the longest time. These are my to-go makeup even before I learned to do my brows. Everytime that I get the chance to shop for makeup, I make sure I have eye liners on my budget. 

For today, let's do a quick review of the Chica-y-Chico One Kill Eyeliner.

Price: 280php (0.5g)
Available Shades: Black and Brown
  • Pigmented opaque eyeliner that offers precise application
  • Waterproof and smudgeproof
  • Oil resistant

While Koreans have monolids, they still use liquid eyeliners to accentuate their eyes. This pen eyelinet will also work with other Asian lids because it has a pointed tip that would give sharp lines enough to cut.

Pigmented at first swipe

What I think:

  • I'll drop it this instant: I love this eyeliner!
  • It is pigmented at first swipe
  • Very easy to glide on the lids  because of its sharp tip.
  • It is indeed waterproof and smudgeproof that you would need makeup removers to get rid of it.
  • Long lasting. It can last up to 8 hours if you're in a cold environment but probably only 4-5 hours if you're on field work.
  • The tip can be smoothly applied to the lids at single swipe. 
  • It doesn't dispense too much or too few amount of the product so you wouldn't have to worry about getting thick lines.
  • It creates a thin line when applied so it is easier to adjust and make it thick from there.
  • You can create a perfect winged eye liner with this pen liner because of the sharp pointed tip.
  • No need to worry about applying several layers of eyeliner because the Chica-y-Chico One Kill Eyeliner will give you good shade on your first swipe

Photo of me wearing the Chica-y-Chico One Kill Eyeliner
I would recommend this eyeliner to makeup beginners because it is affordable and performs what it claims. To be honest, it can also be used by makeup pros because it can perform well together with other well known brands.

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