What products you can use for self-defense?

In today's world, harrasment is very rampant and it is inportant that you have with you, the tools that can help you defend yourself. Not all of us are trained for martial arts or even Taekwondo so these tools are helpful to keep you safe when no one is around.

Here are few of the tools that you can use for self-defense.

Rape Whistle
You can buy this for around $1 to $2 in the market. It helps when you feel that someone looks suspicious. You just have to push the button and it will alarm that can alert anyone nearby.

Pepper Spray
I carry this with me every time because it is handy and easy to use. Pepper spray's inflammatory effects can cause the eyes to close and take away vision.

5 Types of Police Baton

Police Batons date back to the 1800s. Law enforcement officers, military police, employees in the security industry and correctional staff used them as defensive weapons as well as compliance tools. Civilians are increasingly using batons for self-defense. Below are the different types of batons used today.

Stun Baton

It is used for self-defense and it usually comes with a flashlight. Some even have alarms. It is mostly used as a stun weapon. This model is capable of expanding making it very effective in fending off dog attacks. You can get it in telescoping length. 

Fixed Baton 
This non-electrified baton comes in varying lengths of 12 inches to 31 inches. Kubaton is a type of fixed-length baton. It is only 5.5 inches in length and can be used as a keychain. Compared to an electrified baton, a non-electrical baton is less lethal. Its handle is usually made from wood, rubber or foam. If you are on a budget, you can look for Non-lethal weapons for sale. 

Straight Baton
Made out of high-quality wood, this was one of the earliest weapons used by law enforcement officers. It is remarkably sturdy. Mastering this baton was an achievement for the officers back in the day. It was mainly used for detaining suspects, communication and guiding traffic. This defense weapon is capable of causing bone breaks and other major injuries when targeted on vulnerable areas of the body. 

Side Handle Batons 
Introduced to law enforcement officers in the US in 1972, this baton’s design allows it to not only be an offensive striking tool but also a defensive weapon. When its long end is braced against your arm, it is able to obstruct incoming strikes.
Expandable Baton 

If your home spy cameras reveal intruders in your compound, you can use the expandable baton made from steel as a self-defense weapon. Some can extend quickly with the simple push of a button making your defense swift and timely. 

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