3 Reasons why you should consider renting a gown + Rent a Gown for FREE!

Finding the best gown for your event can be quite worrisome especially when you are going to use it for one night only - be it your debut, ball, prom night, and even wedding.

I personally experienced the hassle of having my gown created during my 18th birthday when it is the last minute where I realized I need alterations. To be honest, buying my own debut gown became a nightmare when the pads are not even and even the length of the gown was short enough for me to look stupid. By then, I did not consider having my gown custom-made because of the hassle.

Elyssee - Php 3000

I recently discovered Gown for Rent - a gown rental studio in Visayas Ave which offers a variety of evening gowns and cocktail dresses to choose from. 

Why should you consider renting a gown with Gown for Rent?

Variety of Gowns to choose from. You will literally have a hard time deciding which gown to rent as Gown for Rent has a variety of them with different colors - black, red, blue, white - and styles - long gown, cocktail dress, ball gown, wedding gown. Every gown is beautiful and will surely fit the requirements to your scheduled occasion. 

Practical and convenient. For sure you wouldn't use the same gown on different events so it is practical to rent. Buying and having your custom-made gown is good because you will truly remember the specific occasion you used it for, but come to think of it, renting a gown can also give you wonderful memories on that specific event in your life. Plus, you will definitely save more money when you rent. It will also save closet space! 

Rent a Gown at the tip of your fingers. No time to go back and forth the store? You can choose the gown you want online and just book an appointment with the Gown for Rent team and their professional staff will gladly assist you when you visit.

I personally prefer renting a gown to lessen the hassle on waiting and having it altered just in case something went wrong. You wouldn't want your gown to be a total disaster on the day of your event, right?

Gown for Rent does everything for you.
  • They make sure that before renting, gowns are dry-cleaned for hygiene purposes
  • You need it to fit you well? They can have it altered to make sure you look good with the gown
  • Gown for Rent has an exceptional customer service so you will find it easier to choose and rent a gown
  • Gown rentals start at 300 to 500 pesos!
  • They have accessories such as earrings, necklace, tiaras, and masks that you can also rent. 
Gown for Rent also offers wedding packages starting at 10,000 pesos.

PS: They also have Suits for Rent for men which is totally amazing. Renting your formal attire with your beau sounds great, right?

Good news:
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Instagram: @gownforent
Physical Store: 308, 77 Visayas Ave, Quezon City, 1128 Metro Manila

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