How to find your own unique style

Many people wonder: "How to find your own unique style?" Each person is unique, everyone strives to emphasize this by creating their individual image, and clothing is one of the simplest and most accessible tools to do it. What is the difference between the concepts of "fashion" and "style", and why they can not be identified with each other?

The expression "dressed in fashion" (“a la mode” in French) appeared in the 17th century. During this period the French fashion became a kind of standard for all European countries. And although it is not possible to pinpoint the time and place of the emergence of fashion as we know it, most historians agree that France is the birthplace of fashion.

What is fashion? 
Habits, tastes, preferences in clothes (features of cut, fabrics, color solutions) characteristic for a certain social environment at a particular time. A key feature of fashion is its volatility and impermanence. It is believed that the success of the designer is determined by his ability to capture the mood of the majority because it is the mood of society, his dreams and ideals that dictate the trends of fashion in every era. One of the determining factors is the public perception of the standards of female beauty. So, for example, if the standard of beauty is considered leanness, tight-fitting clothing that emphasizes this feature of the figure becomes fashionable. If the accent is shifted towards round, feminine forms, accordingly, clothes of completely different styles will be in trend.

It should be noted that, despite its volatility and inconstancy, the fashion is cyclical, prone to return. If you follow the change in trends over several decades, you can find that some or other styles, fabrics or colors, having experienced a peak of popularity, go into the shadows, giving way to new ones, but subsequently come back and again become relevant.

Fashion can be compared with the artist's palette, which contains all the necessary colors for writing any picture, but only the artist himself determines which ones to use for a particular picture. This picture is her majesty Beauty.

When we talk about beauty, we take into account many factors. The person's walk, smile, the manner of communication, appearance and, of course, clothing. Contrary to popular belief, fashion does not mean beauty, just as beauty does not mean fashion. These two concepts are also close to each other, as well as far away. Everything depends on the context - temporary or eventual.

Many experts call the combination of fashion and beauty in ideal proportions the word "style". Style is a synthesis of personal taste and the ability to catch fashion in order to stay in trend. Finding your style is much more difficult than just following fashion. Style is a conscious choice from all variety of variants of that which most corresponds to the internal world of each concrete person, its attitude. Style includes not only clothing, it determines life in general.

Style Tips:

There is a simple law for choosing jeans: only those that adorn your hips are good. Otherwise, they simply do not need to be bought.
If you want to add youth to your image, the vest is exactly what you need.
It is important to ensure that the model is not too tight. In this case, it will not be too profitable to show the details of figure even on a thin woman.

Beauty Tips For Women

It does not matter who you are: housewife, sportswoman, businesswoman, hippie or one of these beautiful online ukrainian brides. We all need a beauty tip sometimes. Fortunately, we have few.
Appearance Beauty Tips:

Unwanted hair causes a lot of inconvenience. Coffee grounds and soda will help to get rid of them. Within 1 week, use 2 tsp. of coffee grounds, mixed with 1 tsp. Of soda, which enhances the properties of coffee in the destruction of hair follicles! It works amazing!
Run into the bathroom, throw out your shaving cream and get out the baby soap! Yes, yes, it is baby soap that gives a cleaner shave of legs and the procedure is softer. And also the blade itself retains its cutting properties longer.
An excellent means for exfoliating and effectively cleaning the face is a mixture of soda with a couple drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Apply the mixture on your face and massage it in a circular motion.

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