Things About Makeup Brushes that Every Beauty Enthusiast Should Know

If you're a pro or an amateur beauty enthusiast, you would know how makeup brushes are essential to every woman's makeup kit. Usually, these makeup tools costs more than what you normally expect, so it is just better to know how to make it worth your investment.

Although having different sets of makeup brushes don't make sense to some, each just simply play an important role in your makeup routine. 

Here are a few things you need to know about makeup brushes:

1. Invest in your makeup brushes. Although a piece can cost so much, investing on good makeup brushes can make your makeup routine improved. Different brushes can change the way makeup is applied and how you look. By investing in good brushes, you will be able to use them for 5 to 10 years. Drugstore brushes that are cheaper can work the same with the expensive ones. It doesn't really have to be a high-end brand of brush. As long as it is a nice, soft brush, you are good to go.

2. DON'T FORGET to clean them. How often do you need to clean your makeup brushes? Beauty experts would suggest that you clean your brushes once a month or once a week. But, we really should clean our brushes DAILY.  "Brushes are good at allowing layers of allowing makeup to stick to bristles, letting dirt and bacteria to get trapped within" - Buzzfeed Life

You wouldn't want those bacteria get in contact with your face, right? Bacteria leads to breakouts and nobody wants that.

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3. Know the difference between synthetic and natural brushes. I honestly don't have lots of makeup brushes from different brands. Yes, I buy cheap ones, but I make sure the bristles are soft enough not to harm or scratch the skin. Synthetic brushes are sooooo soft that you want to use them on your face always. They last for long and applies makeups in a more beautiful manner. It's cheaper than the natural ones because oftentimes, natural brushes with real hair tend to break and lose its quality. 

4. Learn what that brush is for. There are so many tips and tutorials on how to differentiate brushes and its uses. Honestly, I also even asked myself before why I bought a set and only to know that I'm using an eyebrow brush or powder brush. Trust me, it's complicated but fun to discover them and play with them.

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