How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

We use these brushes to step up our makeup game everyday. Bits of makeup, oil, dirt, and even bacteria build up in the bristles and might cause clogged pores and breakouts. Don't let them be the main reason you won't put make up on anymore. It is important to sanitize and clean them so that bacteria won't grow and spread to our skin. 

I can never stress enough how cleaning makeup brushes is important for every beauty enthusiast out there. It is a must that we should never neglect because who wants dirty stuffs anyway?

3 Steps on How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes:

1. Dip the tip onto warm water to rinse all makeup residue left. As much as possible, do not dip until the bristles meet the handle so that the glue holding the bristles stays in tact.

2. Put a small amount of makeup brush cleanser or liquid soap with warm water into a small basin and gently wash the bristles until makeup residues are no longer visible. 

3. You can use a brush egg to remove remaining residue or a paper towel or cloth to dry. 

There you have it! Quick and easy.

But how often should you clean your makeup brushes? 

Makeup gurus suggests that you should clean your brushes twice a month or can be once a week. But clean makeup brushes prevents unwanted breakouts if you wash them twice a week, especially the foundation and concealer brush as they touch the skin of the face. Brushes for the eyes can work even after being washed for twice a month and all the rest can work after being cleaned once a month.

If you don't want to get major breakouts, make sure that you clean your makeup tools as often as possible before using.

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