Makeup Tools in Divisoria for Below 200 pesos

Divisoria is a very well-known shopping district in Manila where you can buy affordable stuffs such as fashion items, houseware, and even cosmetics. Believe it or not, Divisoria caters a lot of replica products that can also be as good as the original one. If you're thrifty and you wanted to save, Divisoria is the best place to go. 

168 Mall has a wide range of stalls that sell cosmetics and if you're not a fan of using fake makeup, there's still something you can look forward to buy from these makeup stores. 

Hey, using cheap makeup tools won't hurt. Some of these are simply the best and will truly help you save up for authentic cosmetics itself instead of splurging with expensive tools.

10pcs Wooden Makeup Brushes - 149 pesos
The plain an minimal design of these wooden brushes attracted me the most. If you look at it, you won't think that it only costs 149 pesos. Yep! 149 pesos only. Some sell this set for a higher price and even lower. Just use your haggling skills. The set contains different finctional brushes with soft bristles like the authentic real techniques. I swear, I don't regret having these.

Velcro Pads - 10-15 pesos per pair
These pads are useful when you hate your hair falling off your face while doing your make up. It holds hair intact.

Brush Eggs - 50 pesos 
Authentic ones costs a couple of hundred pesos that's why buying them at a very cheap price will not break your bank. Besides, these brush eggs just technically clean your brushes. Why do you need brush cleaner that costs as much as your make uo brush? Brush eggs are available in different pastel colors that you will be addicted to collect them all.

Silicon Sponge - 35 to 50 pesos
This silicon sponge is the latest trend of makeup applicator because unlike sponges, the silicon sponge does not absorb your liquid makeup at all. This means that it will save you a pea-sized of your liquid foundation because you will be able to apply it ALL over your face. It is easier to spread however sometimes, foundation creates streaks and not blendable compared to a makeup sponge.

Falsies - 55-100 pesos
Falsies adds extra accent to your lashes. If you have shorter and thinner lashes, and you are a makeup enthusiast, you would know the importance of these false lashes. Usually you can buy a pair at 50 pesos on bazaars, but in Divisoria, your 50 pesos can buy you 8-10pairs. Wow.

So there you go. More makeup tools soon 😉

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  1. Wow! That is why i wanna go to Divisoria for cheap things like these. But they have lotd of good qualities tooo.