Budget Beauty: Nude Liquid Matte Lipsticks under 500

When you don't want to look bold and fierce wearing that loud red lipstick, shaded of nudes and orange are your other options to get through the day. Nude shades are the best when you want to do a no-make up look because it will only look like your bare lips. While there are plenty of nude lipsticks available in the market right now, here are a few options if you are on a tight budget but still want to look fresh and simple.

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1. Nyx Lingerie (Ruffle Trim or Bedtime Flirt) - 490php. This series from the Nyx Lip Lingerie Line were just released in 2016 and it has a wide selection of nude shades. My favorite is Bedtime Flirt and Ruffle Trim. It is quite hard to remove when applied to the lips.

2. Nyx Liquid Suede (Soft Spoken) - 460php. Nyx Soft Spoken is by far the best shade in this range for me.

3. Nyx Soft Matte (Stockholm, Zurich, Cannes and Abu Dhabi) - 390php. Favorites: London, Stockholm.

Top-left: Nyx Lingerie; Top-Right: Nyx Lip Suede; Bottom: Nyx Soft Matte

4. Pink Sugar - 349php. The finish is just ❤. Super matte and it doesn't make the lips dry.

5. The Body Shop Liquid Lipsticks - 495php. This is a bit creamy matte but non-sticky formula.

6. In2It Liquid Lipsticks - 379. Some say that this is a local version of Kylie Lip Kit because of its design. Texture is creamy to matte.

7. Colourpop Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Lipsticks - 420php. Colourpop has been every girl's rave since it was launched. With a wide variety of shades to choose from, Colourpop promises to deliver matte lips as possible. It's hard to remove like the Nyx Lip Lingerie

7. LA Girl - Fleur - 350php.
Amazingly matte! It has a long staying power that makes it hard to remove. You won't feel you have lipsticks on!

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