How I take my Instagram Flatlays

I don't have the perfect Instagram feed. I admit, my flatlay skills aren't that "pro" but for an amateur like me, I love how my photos look like when I upload them. I wanted to have #feedgoals but sometimes, what I wanted to share today is not what I wanted to share the other day. I'm not like those beauty bloggers who receive PR make up kits everyday so I don't post everyday. Honestly, most of the time, I'm running out of ideas on what to post so when I have the free time to take photos of random things, I do it all at once.

I'm not a pro photographer. I just use my Samsung phone (and sometimes iPhone) to take photos. It only happen to be edited nice and fair. 

Here's what I do when I take photos for my Instagram:

1. Look for relevant stuffs inside my room. Whether it is based on color, based on use, based on theme. I look for relevant items to put into a square. Am I trying to promote a cosmetic brand? Do I want to share my shopping haul? Do I want to post what I'm currently doing or eating? Depends on the mood and depends on what is available.

2. Lay my fur background or use a clean cloth for my background. If you have been following me on Instagram, you would notice how often I use my fur background for my flatlays. Before, I used to put fake flowers as decoration but I wanted to share minimal designs and focus on what I really wanted to show. If wanted a touch of pink or pastel, I change my background to whatever cloth is available in my room. As long as the white element is there as I wanted to make my flatlays as clean as possible.

3. Take photos with presence of natural light. Yep, I make sure sun is up when I take photos. Taking photos under natural light makes photos extra bright and less stuffs to edit. 

4. Edit using photo-editing apps. My ultimate favorite photo-editor is Photoshop Express. I'm not into VSCO filters (believe me, I tried!) because I find combining filters a bit complicated. What I do is just edit the brightness and contrast and then viola! A new photo to post!

BONUS: I still edit the brightness and contrast on Instagram if I'm not happy with the finished product from the app. 😉

There you go. Simple as that. How about you. How do you take your Instagram flatlays?

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