Miniso SM East Ortigas: Cute Stuffs and More at Php99!

Good news to East peeps out there! Finally, a Miniso branch near us! Behold, the Miniso SM City East Ortigas! Japan's famous brand of fashion and general merchandise has arrived in Manila and people are going crazy about it.  

MINISO is a leisure department store which showcases a wide range of products with their own brand - from personal accessories, cosmetics, skincare, home living, tech and gadget accessories, they all carry the name of MINISO.  It is founded by Miyake Junya in 2013.

MINISO's design is minimal - simple yet stylish chic that makes it more appealing to youngsters to visit the store. Because of its pastel and minimal theme,  this Japan brand seems to be a combination of UNIQLO's store design, and DAISO's price. Starting at Php 99, you can enjoy these affordable products!

Snapback caps at Php 199!

Gadget Accessories!

Hair ties at Php 49

Stud and dangling earrings starting at Php 149.00

Sling bags to love at Php 449.00

Here are some of the skincare products they have

Hair tools

Cosmetics! Lipsticks at Php 149. I didn't expect there will be BB and CC cushions available at Php 449. I so wanted try them out!

Can you see those false lashes set? They're only for Php 99! They also have brow shaver and brow patterns to choose from.

Perfumes! Classy and elegant containers at an affordable price.

Ohhh these eyebrow and eye liners for only Php 99! I tried swatching some and all are in good quality and very pigmented.

Beauty tool sets!

These are nail tools and nail care stuffs. Can you see how cute they are?

There are also school supplies inside.

A few housewares!

And stuffed toys!

When I went to the branch, there were a lot of people because it's weekend. I was supposed to buy a haul but changed my mind because of the long line at the counter. See how much it sells? Of course I'm coming back there for a haul and I'm so excited!

For more updates, you can visit Miniso on their social media pages:

Instagram: @miniso_ph

Miniso is located at 2nd level of SM City East Ortigas.

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  1. Nakapunta na PO ako SA miniso SA gateway branch sobrang mura ng mga product nila... 😍😍😍