5 Korean-Inspired Sling Bags to Love at OMGNB! + Other Fashion Items

Have I told you that bags are one of my weaknesses? I am not a fashion expert, but I fancy bags, shoes, and clothes a lot. Typical kind of girly-girl. When I was still in college, I only used to buy my bags in Divisoria because they are very affordable and at the same time, still competitive when it comes to style. But because it is too crowded to shop there, the convenience of shopping online became a hit to fashion enthusiasts as well. There are a lot of online stores that offers different kind of fashion items, and one of them is OMGNB.
OMGNB is a China-based online retailer who aims to deliver high quality items at low price. They have lots of items to choose from ranging from bags, shoes, and their main product: hair extensions.

In the mean time, let me show you my 5 favorite bags from their website.

These bags are so Korean-inspired. Below are the links for OMGNB's other products that you may want to check out.

Hair extensions are so fancy!

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