Staycation: Jazz Residences

It's not even summer and yet, I want to dip myself in a pool and de-stress from work. When you're on a budget and you want to relax and enjoy a weekend without stress, where do you go?

I am recently trying out different staycation deals in the Metro and here is my second feature for you guys. Behold, Jazz Residences

Jazz Residences is a property of SMDC, located within the proximity of Makati Central Business District. It is a four-tower building with forty floors - Piano Tower, Violin Tower, Cello Tower, and Clarinet Tower. It is located along Metropolitan Ave. cor Nicanor Garcia in the village of Bel-Air.

Our condo unit is owned by Julie Ann but we weren't able to meet her because she was in Japan, but we appreciate her patience and understanding regarding our concerns.

Let me just give you an overview of the unit.

The CR. When we arrived, the shower was broken by the previous guest so we weren't able to use it. It is complete with all the things that needs to be in a CR, but I noticed that there is no bidet. But, no biggie.

The Kitchen Area. No more words. Everything is here except food. So, we decided to cook for us to make us of the cookwares and kitchenwares inside.

Under the kitchen sink are these cabinets with the cleaning tools that we can use during our stay.

TV with cable from Cignal.

Then of course, a peek to the bedroom! Tada! Yep, the room has a balcony with a view of the Makati skyline. It is fully airconditioned however, we were not able to use the aircon because there was a problem with its battery. We just used an electric fan which also feels like using an aircon.

Living and dining area. I love how the unit was designed, and the housewares inside. I secretly wished I have a condo unit like this. Maybe soon?

Crazy moments with Joanne while waiting for our food to be cooked. See that view? 

This is the lobby area of the 6th floor where the pool is located.

Pool during the night. Unfortunately we weren't able to swim that night because the security is very strict that they need an authorization from the unit owner that we can use the amenities. We didn't see the letter ahead of time so it is an epic fail moment.

The skyscrapers and city view of Makati from 20th floor of Tower D, at night! Feels like I'm staying outside the country.

Available amenities in Jazz Residences:

  1. Recreational area
  2. Children's Playground
  3. Adult Pool (1) - 4 feet
  4. Lap Pools (2) - 4 feet
  5. Wade and Kiddie Pools (3) - 2 feet
  6. Fitness Gym and Spa
  7. Lobby Lounge
  8. Function Rooms
  9. Shower Rooms
We weren't able to take a photo of the gym because we were soaking wet in the pool, but we're going to go back here anytime soon and I will update the blog for you.

What I think:
For just Php 1841.00, can you seriously imagine you can enjoy an overnight stay in a condo unit? The unit costs Php 1357.00 for 24 hours, plus, cleaning fee of Php 242.00 and an AirBNB service fee of Php242. You think it is worth it?

For me, yes! With all the available amenities that we can try for free, what more can I ask for? Jazz Residences is a beautiful place to stay if you want to relax and breakfree. They still have open units so if you want to own a condo in Jazz Residences, you should go now! This place is a paradise. Just by seeing the pool, I want to stay here for a long time.

The unit owner is very kind and patient when it comes to answering our concerns. She (and her unit) deserves a good review. Interested to stay here? You may email Julie Ann at

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  1. Hi sis saan located ang Jaz Residences? planning to have a staycation din eh. Sana ma review mo rin yung sa Azure!

    1. This is around Makati.Planning to go to Azure but it's always fully booked. :( Di bale when I get the chance I will review! :)

  2. For me okay naman yung place sulit na din at nakaka relax ang overview. 😍 Pero beach lang kami this coming sunday. ☺