Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream in Medium - REVIEW

Olay has been around in the market for years and promising to give you moisture, and anti-aging properties. With its product claims, one will surely desire to grab themselves  a product since it has established its name and gave better results to celebrities.

While not everyone has the same skin tone, skin condition, and complexion, results may vary from person to person. What worked for others may not work for you. I am a fan of Olay products on the TV advertisements but I am quite sure that it won't work on me the same. I don't buy one even if I can afford it, because one, I don't know if I need it, two, it's too expensive.

With me being a fan of BB and CC creams, I opted to try this sample from Sample Room. I loved the idea of trying it first before buying one so I would know if it will work for me or not.

Price: 499php (20g); 999php (50g)
Available shades: Light and Medium

I have the Medium shade.

Packaging comes in a squeeze tube with small opening that allows you to pump a pea-sized amount of cream.

The cream is very lightweight and has a powdery scent.

My thoughts:
While I am fond of using CC and BB creams, I don't like this Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream. I had a minor break out when I used this. It didn't really minimize my pores, has a very light coverage and made my skin oily. Though I like the powdery scent, the consistency is not too creamy that a pea-sized amount is not enough for my whole face. I am quite disappointed that this worked with some but not on me. There are only two shades available (light & medium). It looks better when applied with a pressed powder. But it's good that it feels like you just applied moisturizer.

You may refer to the below photo of before and after usage. As you can see, I have little pimples on the chin. The CC Cream covered a bit of it but is still visible.

I can recommend this one to ladies who are not after the product coverage, just moisturization. But if you have lots to cover up and conceal, better use another CC cream or concealer/foundation.

Repurchase? No.


  1. sayang naman it didn't work for you,,

  2. thanks for the honest review! i think i tried this on the counter before and didnt get impressed enough to buy. but im a huge fan of their plain moisturizers <3