What does your family practice when it comes to health?

As Filipinos, our priority is with our family. We value them like a precious gem that is worth it to be taken care of, as well as our health. My mom always scold us when we were kids whenever we do things that makes us sick. She makes us realize that if we do not follow her instructions, we get the punishment. That is why we always listen to her.

As a kid, I love to play in the rain. It's like a giant shower, isn't it? 90's kids and even kids before that decade loves playing outside. And by doing so, we get those germs that oftentimes causes bacteria to build up and make our bodies sick. To protect us, my mom makes us drink vitamins. Most of the time, drinking milk, and eating vegetables (kids hate these!) is really hard to do. Me and my siblings are seriously forced to take Ceelin. It's my favorite vitamins because it tastes like orange. My mom always says that by drinking this syrup, we will be free from sickness and colds. We honestly hate drinking vitamins even though it tastes good. Because most medicines doesn't taste nice. But when we grow up, we all realized how important these medicines are, in our life.

Whenever we arrive home, mom always reminds us to change clothes and wash to get rid of pollution outside. She sees to it that our meals are complete to keep us fully equipped and healthy.

Even though we get so tired hearing from our mom that we should take our vitamins, we still take her advice. She always buy one for us, for us to be protected and for our health not to be at stake. We knew how hard it is to get sick and be confined in the hospital for a long time, so my mom always let us take Enervon . Watching the commercials saying that More energy mas happy convinced me to take Enervon. It is currently my best friend for every day. Enervon keeps me going even though sometimes I still get tired. My mom bought a box of Myra-E for us ladies so that we all have a dose of complete vitamins.

Whenever we get sick, Biogesic kills the fever. Me and my sister grew up with asthma, and whenever we have asthma attacks, mom's trusted brand is SolmuxFor menstrual cramps, Dolfenal. For colds, Neozep. And of course, for body pain, Alaxan. 

Can you see how we're a secret fan of Unilab products? But really, these medicines help a lot for our health. They keep us healthy every day.

Because of the cold environment in our office, I often get colds and my current buddy is Neozep. I make sure I have ate least 2 tablets of it on my bag.

How about you, what does your family practice when it comes to health?