Colourette Lipsticks by FnF in Kendal - Review

Happy Monday sweetiepies! How was your weekend? I had a very tiring one and I'm still wondering if I can sleep for two more weeks. Haha! I am soooo tired that I wasn't able to update my blog over the weekend. I was supposed to post this but anyway, I will be sharing my review about the Colourette lipstick, in Kendal shade.

I have posted a sneak peek about the shades few blogs before. If you haven't seen it, here's the link . I wanted to try a new brand of lipstick so when my office mate brought the lipsticks in the office, I checked if there's one shade I like, that I might buy. Fortunately, there's a pink shade!

I am a fan of pink and nude shades. I am still on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick that would match my lips, in the mean time, here's my newest addiction:

Price: Php499
Weight: 4g

  • Very pigmented. You can achieve the color you want on one swipe. Which is why its tagline is fall in love at first swipe! I did fall in love at first swipe.
  • Lasts Long. You can see it on my photos below. I applied it 6am before I go to work, and I still look like I am wearing a lipstick when I get home. No kidding!
  • It has a fruity scent. I think it's watermelon?
  • It has a creamy-matte finish and is absorbed by the lips when dried. 
  • Matipid. Two swipes is enough to flaunt that Nicki Minaj lips!
  • It lasts longer when applied after using Uno primer.
  • A bit pricy

After Eating
After brushing my teeth
During Dismissal


  1. Wow that's super pigmented! Where did you buy??

  2. Can you review sahara please? I really like the shade.


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