7 Days Brazilian Slimming Coffee: Does it really make you slim in 7 days?

Would you believe me if I say that I have tried almost all sorts of slimming products that has been endorsed, or sold in the market? I started taking these slimming products for the hope that my chubby cheeks, arms, and legs would lessen a bit. Who wouldn't want a slender body? I am that type whose adiphose tissues easily stretch when eating (read: regardless of how few or more I eat). I always get so frustrated whenever I can't buy clothes that would fit my chubby body. Well, I am not that fat. It's just that, my weight is not proportionate to my height. However, I still get comments from people that I am getting fatter, and honestly, no woman would want to hear that.

I am not sure how many of the products I have tried were already banned, but believe me, I can name it all. Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee, Pearl White Slimming, Pretty Model, Hokkaido Slimming Pills, and I almost tried Bangkok Pills. Some brands, I can no longer remember. And if I continued using all of these, I could be dead right now.  It would be so hard to tell if one is authentic as many products tend to have imitations and these imitations are not BFAD approved. 

I have read a lot of reviews on the internet about these slimming products and news how these products aren't actually slimming, but killing. Many people were reported with multiple organ failure who died because of taking these. And I swear that I will only take those who are BFAD approved products. This would be my last attempt to try a slimming product that is illegal, just to lose weight.

Brazilian Slimming Coffee is a natural beverage made from black coffee from the virgin Brazilian forest, green tea, and a vitamin and mineral formula. So how does coffee burn fat? It works primarily by reducing your appetite while stimulating lipolysis. It contains natural fiber that reduces fat absorption and has a slightly sweet taste but has no sugar added.

Slimming coffee is a natural beverage that tastes great and is filled with the ingredients that can help you shed some of those unwanted pounds while enjoying a flavorful drink. 

How It Works

The ingredients in slimming coffee are formulated to help reduce your appetite and stimulate lipolysis (the breakdown or destruction of fat). The vitamin and mineral formulas are an added health benefit, but the pharmaceutical grade ingredients are what really help the weight loss process. Some of these active ingredients help increase thermogenesis, improve your metabolism, and help you keep control of your appetite.

7 days Slimming Coffee is a fat-burning coffee for effective weight loss with no side effect and dependency.

1. No taboos, no diet, no diarrhea.
2. Target mainly on the waist, legs, back, arm fat.
3. No rebound.
4. Slimming beauty body correctly.
5. Natural materials and plant extracts. It will be safe with no side effects.

Have it 30 minutes before breakfast. Drink plenty of water for best result. Though results vary per person, loss of weight may be noticed in as early as the third day of use.

These were the products claims. But I'm going to tell you what I experienced.

The coffee claims to lose your weight in 7 days. As for me, I think I didn't loose that much weight? According to the seller, one pack can last up to 21 days. I got 2 packs of 620g without sachets, so I put it on a container. My two packs lasted for 21 days. I was expecting that my packs will last for almost 2 months. It doesn't actually guarantee slimming in 7 days. Yes, I lost appetite, I'm always thirsty and my mouth is really dry. I drink so much water which is good, and I go to the toilet like every 15 minutes. The coffee tastes like regular coffee mixes in the market, only that it gives an after effect of being thirsty. In the duration of me, drinking this, I never felt hungry. I always get tempted to eat food or grab a snack beside me, but for 21 days, I felt like I don't want to eat. I guess my waist decreased its size for about 2 inches since I can wear my smaller jeans already.

I don't know if it's part of the side effects but I always wake up with a heavy head. It really makes me hard to wake up in the morning. I bought this for Php1,050 for 2 packs and I find it really pricy, but just to try if it's effective or not, I bought two for myself.

I am not going to try this one again, I want to learn the right way to diet!


  1. Hello the one that really work is the Brazilian 7 day coffee;taken with correct eating habits does allow you to loose weight.Most of the time wrong eating we become comfortable with and we find discomfort in correct eating.The instructions to drink the coffee need to be followed as prescribed. I dropped at least 2 dress sizes in 21 days cause I used it wirh a healthy diet and did consume alot of water as well;did not feel tired agitated and concentration enhanced. Sleeping patterns were not affected.Was very happy to use it.

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