My Bath Room Essentials

It just feels so refreshing right after taking a bath, isn't it? Although it's already rainy season (and it's a struggle to take a bath during cold weather), it is still important for us to take care of our hygiene. Taking care of your hygiene doesn't need to be expensive. I only use drugstore brands because they are very affordable and still, effective.

For today, I'm going to show you what's on my shower basket and my bath essentials.

Okay, I'm kinda obsessed with Glam Works Body Scrubs lately. Few months back, I received a gift from my officemate during our monito-monita weekly exchange gifts under category "Something that relieves stress". And I fell in love with the scent of the Raspberry flavor of this body scrub. 

Body Scrubs from Glam Works. This one is very affordable. I bought these from Watsons for PHP139 on buy 1 take 1. There are three variants: Papaya, Avocado, and Raspberry. My favorites are the Papaya and Raspberry. I really love fruity scents. Plus I love the moisture it gives to my skin. (PS: If you want me to do a separate review for these two, let me know through comments)

PH Care Cool Wind. It is important for us to take care of our feminine area always. I love the PH Care Cool Wind variant because it gives a cool and minty feeling. It makes our intimate area fresh all day.

Kojic with Milk Soap. Okay so I have mistaken this one for Kojie San. I'm actually using Kojie San soaps. But so far, this whitening body soap is very non-sticky and slightly whitens my beach-tanned skin.

Sunsilk Shampoo & Pantene 3 minute miracle Conditioner (Hair Fall Control) I think it's not visible in the photo, but I'm using the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (Hair Fall Control). I only buy sachets so that I can control my usage, because most of the time when I buy shampoo bottles and tubes, I tend to use so much of it. Having a damaged hair needs repair and these two brands makes my hair look nourished from root to tips.

Body Sponge. I use this after scrubbing the soap. I like playing with bubbles like a kid, so it just adds the fresh feeling since it helps remove dirt that soap alone cannot remove.

Of course, I have my body towel and bath roabs. I think I forgot to include the Body Shop's Strawberry Body Soap in here but I also use it. It's almost empty and I haven't bought a new one yet so I haven't included the bottle on this photo. I also use lotions after bath like Bench and Jergens.

So there you go! These are my bath essentials for now. I'm planning to share my face care routine any time soon. :)

How about you? What's your bath essentials?


  1. hehe that watsons buy 1 take one deal is the best, my mom goes crazy with those so we have several watsons products at home and theyre quite good :) btw i like your robe towel and cady set, whered you get them?
    ps you are so pretty on your profile photo!

    1. Hi Shayne! Agree. This is my 3rd set already. Hihi. The robe was from my mom then the cady basket I bought it at Japan Home for 88. :)