Dad's Kamayan World's Buffet - Saisaki SM Megamall

I have known Saisaki for a long time but this was the first time I visited. It's my niece Caisa's Christening today and the reception was held at Dad's Kamayan - Saisaki SM Megamall. I prepared myself for a possible battle with food today so I didn't eat my breakfast. I'm not a buffet person as I only eat a little, so going to buffets like this is a real struggle for me.

But anyways, let me share to you the world class meals available at Dad's Kamayan - Saisaki.

Warning: This is a post full of photos. :)

Create your own halo-halo

Turkey, Lamb, etc.

This is my favorite part!! I am so in love with this sweets station. Everything is in pastel colors and the desserts are just so inviting with its different colors and flavors. I like the carnival theme. There's also a chocolate fondue which I wasn't able to take a photo because there's just too many people in line waiting for their turn to taste the marshmallow covered with chocolates.

Japanese Cusine

Okay, I was just mesmerized by the decors.

There are over 70 types of sushi on this row, but I wasn't able to take photos of all since there's a very long line of people waiting. :(


 And how I wish I could eat them all! I love seeing food. It's just too heaven in the eyes. Unfortunately, I have too little storage in my stomach that I can't have them all. There are still other parts of the buffet house which I wasn't able to take photos since it's weekend and the restaurant was full of people. I also loved their juice and drinks bar. They serve everything. I mean, you couldn't ask for more! As in!

My tip when eating on a buffet: Eat those foods which you don't get to eat everyday, and get one piece or one slice of each variant of food, just to try out how it tastes. Because there are some people I saw that they eat lots of rice on buffet and then they regret eating rice after realizing there's a lot more to eat.

Anyways, here's what I ate:

1st batch.

Desserts: Watermelon Shake,Chocolate Chip Cookie, Blueberry Cheesecake, Brazo de Mercedes and Bibingka

Platter of sushi!

and seafoods!

I'm not sure how much is the total bill for my niece's Christening reception, but if I'm not mistaken, buffet costs 800 per head. But since we're almost 100pax, I think it's a bit discounted. Not bad for Php800 if you can enjoy all foods. I think it is advisable to reserve your slots for big celebrations like this rather than catering since catering costs minimum of 25k with 5 choices of viands, and with a limited number of heads. If you chose buffet, you get discount for a certain number of people then they get to choose what they want to eat, and it's unlimited! So I go for buffet. :)

Eating here is priceless. I felt full from lunch time to dinner to breakfast time the next day. But it's all worth it.