Chic Centre releases Kath-Queen Nail Polish Collection

Hey lovelies, how's your Sunday? Well, my Sunday just got better because it's been a very long weekend for me since I was on vacation leave last Friday, and it's a very busy Saturday for me also. *sigh* Time flies so fast it's already Sunday and it's Monday tomorrow. I wish I could rest a little longer, but before I do, let me share to you Chic Centre's latest nail polish Kathryn Bernardo collection: Kath-Queen Collection.

If you have been reading my past posts, you probably read my unboxing post for the Kathryn Pastel Collection and if you haven't read it yet, then you should. Hehe. Because I'm sure you'll love that collection if you love pastel colors.

This time, it's Kathryn's fourth collection for their celebrity edition. It doesn't come on a giftable box like the Paste Collection, so you probably wouldn't notice it easily when you search for it on the department stores. But just like any other Kathryn Collections, you can easily distinguish it as it has a Kathryn Bernardo pink tape on the handle of the nail polish brush.

This set also comes in five royal shades: From L-R: Duchess, Tsarina, Empress, Majesty, and Contessa. However, not everything is my favorite. In this collection, I only liked three. I only like the first three shades. I'm also bothered with the Majesty shade since it's the only shade with glitters on, plus I don't like the color. I'm just not a fan of glittery nail polish, plus, it's quite an oldies color.

Same as any other Chic nail polish, it has good quality coats, and easily dries. I was expecting for it to be royal colors, like royal blue, red, gold, silver, bronze, and violet, when my friend told me that they will be releasing a new collection, but I wasn't right. But then, these new shades weren't bad also.

Here's my nailfie, by the way

What do you think about this collection? :)


  1. wow nakapangalan pa kay kathryn bernardo yung mga nail polish sosyal!

  2. Love the colors. I like Chic Nail Color's brushes, it's not buhaghag, easy to apply it on nails... Because I love doing my manicure myself, laking tipid!

    1. Agree! Plus, super bilis magdry kaya no worries na it will run out.


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