Review: Avon Ultra Color Matte Lipstick in Matte Coral


I soooooo love matte lipsticks! I love the fine finish look on my lips and the dry feeling, making my lips feel a little bit fuller than normal. If you have been following me for quite sometime, I have mentioned on my past posts that I’m into pink and nude shades. I don’t buy Avon lipsticks even though I am an Avon Franchise Dealer, because most of their lipsticks are too pricy and doesn’t last long. When they launched the Ultra Matte Color Lipsticks, I was so excited to try it on, because it’s MATTE.

The second book of September 2014 brochure made me so excited because finally, Avon already have matte lipsticks.

Here’s my catch on Avon Ultra Matte Color Lipstick in Matte Coral:

  • It easily glides smoothly into my lips.

  • No need to do several coats, it will instantly color your lips in just two swipes.

  • It has a hot pink ala Niki Minaj shade (which I love)

  • It lasts longer on the lips, about 5 hours before I reapplied it.

  • It’s not glossy! (Of course it’s matte!)

  • It’s not sticky on the lips.

  • It has visible glitters when applied, but it will not totally look glittery on the lips.

  • This is the first time that I fell in love with Avon lipstick!

I have a really really bad camera as of now so please bear with the photos.


It has a plastic cover to protect the main lipstick case.



Usually the shade of the lipstick is under the container.


It has a metallic-like container which is new to me, but I love it.

Here’s the swatch




How about you, do you love matte lipsticks? Share your experiences. :)


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  1. Looks good on you! I'm happy Avon finally has a nice line of lipsticks. I used to find them too expensive for the quality :(