Movie thoughts: She's Dating the Gangster 2014

It’s always “better late than never” kind of thing for me. I’ve been very busy a work on weekdays and it’s so hectic for workshop and events on weekends that watching a movie isn’t even possible for me. Will all the works and chores that I need to do, my free time is not enough to cover the things that I want and need to do.

Just when typhoon Maria hit the Philippines, I didn’t get the chance to go to work. I think that’s a combination of negative and positive impact. Positive, because I can finally take a rest from all the stress in the office and negative because most probably, I will be dealing with the pile of workload and emails when I get back on Monday.

Nonetheless, I spent three hours of my free time happy, sad, kilig, asar, and several emotions at one time when I finally watched KathNiel’s (Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla) She’s Dating the Gangster. 

She’s dating the Gangster became a hit on a writing community website—Wattpad, written by SGWannabe (Bianca Bernardino), became a book, and eventually hit the big screen. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, this Filipino teen romantic-comedy movie starred by this generation’s Teen King & Queen, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, hit the big screen on July 16, 20I can remember my thoughts that I will be having a real-life story written under my name to hit the big screen, that’s why I’m spreading the link of my Wattpad story: STATUS: FRIENDZONED

Anyway, I’m really not a huge fan of KathNiel, but their on-screen and off-screen chemistry is too romantic to handle that people of all ages scream to the success of this love team.

Even though they’re five years younger than me, KathNiel still gives me the "kilig factor" by just seeing their photos together. I can see everything real between the two of them. That’s why I bet that the movie will be a hit because they are the main stars.

I’ve read the Wattpad book and I must say that the movie is way too different than what I read. I’m not going to compare my book analysis to the movie (I think?) but anyway, both made me cry. From seeing the movie trailer, I sensed that there will be a plot twist.

The movie setting is transitioned back to the 90’s scene, where Athena Dizon (played by Kathryn Bernardo, a normal girl in the campus, was forced to be Kenji delos Reyes’ (played by Daniel Padilla) girlfriend to make his ex, also named Athena, jealous.

While on their way to their game play, Athena and Kenji suddenly realizes that everything is slowly becoming real and that they’re falling in love with each other. When everything is all set, Athena Abigail was diagnosed with a terminal gastric cancer that made Athena decide to make way for her and Kenji. Heartbreaking as it may seem, Athena walked away without even telling Kenji that she also has a terminal disease. Kenji and Abigail got married after and Athena never showed again.

Few years after, Kenji’s (played by Richard Gomez) son, Kenneth (also played by Daniel Padilla) was questioning the real score between his dad, and the other Athena. After the plane crash involving his dad, he went to the airport to know if he will be able to see his dad alive, after he cursed him the night before his flight. Then he meets Kelay (also played by Kathryn Bernardo), Athena Dizon’s (played by Dawn Zulueta) neice who shares the back story between Kenneth’s dad and her auntie. From finding their way to let the midlife Athena and Kenji meet again, Kenneth and Kelay also showcased their blossoming affection for each other in the end. Of course, the star-crossed lovers Athena and Kenji met after a long time still seeing sparks and stars.

Escaping the tragedy that the original book ended, Garcia-Molina made a plot twist on the movie that has to be a happy ending. For me, the stars played their roles on a very exceptional way. KathNiel’s talent is very improving from the day they started as love team, until now that they have become the Teen King and Queen of their generation. I must say that this movie is good, just not what I expected it to be, but nevertheless, I give a thumbs up to KathNiel. Wishing them more projects and movies to come. :)

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