Dazzle Me Attack on Sun Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ Review

It’s summer again and people are always on the lookout for sunblocks for their beach trips. We love summer because of the happiness it brings when we’re going on vacation despite of the heat. But did you know that excessive exposure to the sun can break our skin?

Did you also know that sun protection isn’t only used during summer? Most people confuse sunblocks and sunscreens, - even me at first - but what is the difference and why do we need to use it?

Sunblock acts as a barrier to protect your skin from the sun and prevents the rays from reaching the skin, while sunscreen has chemicals that absorbs the UV rays before it even hits your skin. Either way, both products protect your skin from the sun.

I’m excited to try a new sunscreen and share my thoughts about it. Everyone, here’s the Dazzle Me Attack on Sun SPF 50 PA++++ 

They say that most sunscreens only contain UV-B rays - a solar wavelength proven to damage skin. But hey! This Dazzle Me Attack on Sun Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ protects your skin from UV-A (a light from the sun that has a fairly long wavelength that causes the skin to look older) and UV-B.

Product Claims:
  • 16x sun protection for up to 12.5 hours
  • Non-sticky formula
  • Protects your skin from harmful UVA & UVB
  • Easy to apply and provides a broad spectrum coverage
  • Has photostable sunscreen filters for excellent protection against UVA
  • Lightweight and quick absorbing
  • Radiant finish with no white cast
It is cruelty-free, mineral-oil-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free which most skincare enthusiasts would definitely love.


The Dazzle Me Attack on Sun Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ contains nourishing and acne-prone ingredients to enhance skin barrier and moisturization.

It has Vitamin E to protect our skin collagen, Chamomile to protect the skin from having inflammation in case of sun damage caused by too much UV exposure, and Myrothamnus Extract, a non-irritating moisturizer that helps make skin feel smoother and softer. 

The Dazzle Me Attack on Sun Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ comes in a 30g tube squeezable bottle and is perfect when you're fond of travelling because of its travel-friendly size.

It has a creamy texture which I like because some sunscreens I have tried before are runny and watery which makes it hard to control and spread on the skin. It has a soft powdery scent that I also like because it gives a fresh feeling when applied. The Dazzle Me Attack on Sun Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ feels lightweight and is easily absorbed by the skin in just a few minutes. At first, I thought it was going to be greasy because it has a creamy texture but whoa! It really does give your skin a soft feel.

I was using the Dazzle Me Attack on Sun Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ for over 2 weeks now and so far I haven't seen any irritation and I noticed that my skin really feels soft. I am working from home at night but I still use it before my shift starts so that I can feel fresh.

Bottomline, I recommend you buy this sunscreen. It is only 199php which is very affordable and is available via Shopee for your check out convenience!