Women's Summer Tank Tops Guide

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means — it’s time for tank top season. While tank tops are a fairly basic piece of clothing, they are not part of everyone’s staple wardrobe. Tank tops can often accentuate a person’s arms, chest, and shoulders in a way they aren’t fully comfortable with. Or, someone may run into trouble finding tank tops that are the right length for them.

 Not to worry, as we’ve compiled a guide to the best tank tops for summer. We aren’t going to tell you exactly what to buy, but we are going to provide some insight into what to look for when searching for the right tank top.


Find the right length. The first thing you want to do is figure out what length works for you. Do you prefer a cropped look, or would you rather not risk baring any midriff? If you like a longer look, then try to find a tank top that sits at your hips. Some tank tops can be quite long and extend down to your legs. The issue here is that there is often so much extra fabric that it makes tucking in your tank top a more bulky affair. That’s not ideal under most circumstances, let alone during the summer.


Thin straps vs thick straps. This one almost always comes down to personal preference. If you need more support, you might opt for a thicker strap. If you’d rather work on your tan lines, then maybe a thin strap is for you. Thicker straps can sometimes accentuate your shoulders as well, which might not be right for you.



Neckline. As with all shirts, tank tops come with many different necklines. There are even high-neck, mock-neck, and turtleneck tank tops. These may not be perfect for summer though, as there’s just more fabric covering your body. Something to also keep in mind is that higher necklines tend to bring attention to the chest. If that makes you uncomfortable for any reason, then opting for a bit of a lower neckline might do the trick.


Fabrics. This might go without saying, but you want to opt for cool and light fabrics. The material should be just thick enough that it isn’t see-through, but it is breathable. A good example is jersey material. Some cotton blends will also be good. One of the worst fabrics to wear when it is hot out is polyester because it is not breathable at all. Beware of wholesale clothing boutiques that try to sell tank tops with polyester blends, as they will not be your best option for summer.


That being said, you can also find any and all of these options from wholesale clothing vendors — often more than going to your local mall. Look online and see what you can find. You may be able to order many different styles, colors, fabrics, and lengths to see what works best for you in the long run. 

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