ESTILO - Born Natural Brow Styler

Kilay is life - as most beauty enthusiasts may say. It's like it's illegal not to wear brow makeup when going out of the house. I've realized how much I look incomplete without my brows done for the longest time in my life. And since I've learned how to draw it, I never go out of the house without doing my brows. Just like how much I loved doing winged eyeliners, brow makeup has been my best friend since 5 years ago.

I'm excited to try these 2-in-1 brow styler from ESTILO. 

The eyebrow product from ESTILO comes in a classic blue box as seen in the photo, with the labels of the shade at the bottom part of the box. Inside the box comes a retractable eyebrow pencil with a dual end where the eyebrow mascara is placed.

2-in-1 pencil and fixer: The pencil is good for filling in the sparse areas of the brows and the fixer/mascara holds the shape. It claims to perform easy blending without clumping even after several applications. 

  • 01 Light Brown - For light and bright colored hair
  • 02 Grey Brown - For soft ash tone hair
  • 03 Brown - For light reddish-brown hair
  • 04 Dark Brown - for dark to natural brown hair
  • 05 Deep Grey - For very dark to black hair

From top to bottom shade: 03 Brown, 04 Dark Brown, 05 Deep Grey

The Eyebrow Fixer/Mascara of the ESTILO Born Natural Brow Styler has fibers that fills the brows without gaps making it look like having an eyebrow extension.

The pencil part of the ESTILO brow styler is a triangular-shaped one with a pointed edge to define the tail of your brows. It also has a wider base to build the color of your entire brows. It has a gel-ish texture that helps define the brows even more.

Side by side comparison of the eyebrow pencil and the brow styler. Left: Pencil; Right: Brow Styler

Where to buy: Charis Shop

Overall Thoughts:
  • Only available online and can be bought from Charis.
  • Blends nicely on the brows and doesn't cake.
  • Can be quite expensive for an eyebrow product. It retails at 820 PHP per piece. Each piece contains dual-ended product (pencil and fixer)
  • Lasts longer on the brows (4-5hours)

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