Dasique Soft Velvet Lipsticks Milk Latte Collection

I've been reviewing Korean makeups for the longest time and I just can't help but think of how aesthetic their packaging is. They can only go cute, and classy. And I love both! 

When I first received these lippies straight from Korea, I felt really excited because of their minimalist packaging. And while I don't often use lipsticks while working from home, I have these two shades ready on my desk for an instant touch-up during emergency video meetings.

I'm happy that this lipstick was inspired by two things that I love - Coffee and Makeup.

Let's review Dasique's Soft Velvet Lipsticks from the Milk Latte Collection. 

Where to buy: Charis Shop
How Much? 709php / 14 USD
Available Shades: 01 Nudy Pecan, 02 Maple Latte

  • Take a moment for a cup of coffee with Dasique as they present a tone-on-tone milk latte collection inspired by a warm cup of latte with soft whip cream.
  • Soft Velvet lipstick gently wraps your lips like soft milk foam
The Dasique Soft Velvet Lipsticks Milk Latte Collection comes in an aesthetic white box (unfortunately I tore it apart!) with small notes of Blooming your own beauty and True love brings up everything - you're allowing a mirror to be held up every day. And upon opening the lipstick box, you will automatically see a bullet lipstick packaged in a velvet matte magnetic casing.

Consistency and Pigmentation:
When applied to the lips, the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipsticks Milk Latte Collection has a good color payoff and glides easily at one swipe. It has a velvet matte finish that helps nourish the lips. It displays a nude and rosy pigment even if you only apply one layer.

Just like regular lipstick, the Dasique Soft Velvet Lipsticks Milk Latte Collection does not leave stains and can easily be removed if you swipe it. It's not transfer-proof so if you use it behind a mask, it will definitely transfer. The pigment can be removed when you eat, but if you're just going to use it for video conferences or photo shoots, it's stays for about 2 hours on the lips.

Swatches (T-B): 02 Maple Latte, 01 Nudy Pecan

02 Maple Latte is an elegant maple rose color that is perfect for everyday use.

01 Nudy Pecan is a warm and cozy nudy coral color

I am soooooo in love with these lipsticks! I can't even choose which one is my favorite because I totally love the shades. It's perfect for an everyday makeup look and it depicts a true Korean image - minimalist like a no-makeup makeup look. I highly recommend that you try these lipsticks and see for yourself.

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