On Self Love | Velvet Collective

I recently saw a Facebook Ad promoting this Self Love Ring. I admit, I'm not usually a fan of rings because I have sweaty palms - hence, any type of ring that I wear usually tarnish. With my advocacy on self-love, this specific type of ring tickled my fancy.

Where I bought it: Velvet Collective (2 for799 PHP) My friend also joined me when I bought it.
It's discounted when bought into 2's.

Say YES to loving yourself before asking anyone to love you. 

Be complete on your own before expecting someone to complete you. Why wait for your forever in someone else if your love for YOU is infinite? 😍

Yes to Self Love, but not too much that you'll be selfish.  If you're looking for a sign, this is it. Choose yourself first. Don't settle for someone who only wants you at their convenience. Keep your self love at the right extent but don't forget to still open your heart for someone who deserves it.

It takes self love and maturity to stop begging for someone to stay. You should not only settle for being a temporary pleasure-giver. You deserve to be considered home. 

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