Chivas Regal: The Blend Event - Mix your own brand of Whiskey

One of my January highlights was when I was invited for my first event for the year 2021. 2020 has been a hard year for everyone, including the event and influencer industry but that didn't stop Chivas Regal to hold a virtual event for their Chivas The Blend - Whisky Blending Kit.

Each blend included in this kit marry together some of Scotland's finest whiskies to create something truly extraordinary. It helps create the craft that goes into finding the perfect balance when using the blending kit. Explore with me and find out about the blend that I have created from delicately floral to luxuriously creamy and medicinally smoky.

What's inside the blending kit?
  • 1x 5cl bottle of Chivas 12
  • 1x 5cl bottles of blended grain whisky (Floral)
  • 4x 5 cl bottles of single malts (fruity, citrus, creamy, smoky)
  • 1x Pipette & Beaker
  • 1x empty bottle

My Blend:
Sweet 29 - it reminds me of my party girl days, about a few years back. My blend tastes a bit sweet because of the citrusy and fruity blend and feminine but kinda strong and independent woman. Not too hard and not too soft. a little bit of smoky and tastes not too old, and not too young, but wild, and free.

WARNING: Drink Responsibly. For more information, visit

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