Unboxing Mary Kay Start Up Pack

I've been doing direct selling since my college days (2008) and I even have my online shop before the boom of online shops in the Philippines, and I kinda miss the feeling of having extra income on top of my basic salary. Yes, I still earn extra money from blogging, and I'm taking my vlogging career to the next level, so why not add a little more? After all, it's a matter of time management and ensuring all necessary deliverables are met. 

This year, while we are on Enhanced Community Quarantine, I have decided to explore more opportunitiea in line with beauty and skincare. My love for beauty and skincare should be a stepping stone in earning money too! 

For today, I'm going to share what's inside the Mary Kay Start Up Pack and maybe we can be beauty partners anytime soon! 

What's inside:
  • Product samplers of Timewise 3D Set
  • Product samplers of Clear Proof Charcoal Mask
  • Product Samplers of Mary Kay Timewise Foundation
  • Customer Order Form
  • Skincare Class Invitation (12pcs)
  • The Look (Mary Kay Brochure) 
  • Mary Kay Datebook (Your planner to success) 
  • Skin Profile List
  • Consultant Order sheet
  • Beauty Consultant Application form
  • Mary Kay Career Path

Please watch the video below to see what's inside the Mary Kay Start Up Pack and should you decide to be a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, please feel free to email me at shyieesolove@gmail.com with email subject: Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

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