Self Beauty: Glam Up Concealer in #02 Peanut - Review

Do you want some easy coverage that actually lasts?

I have tried some Korean concealers before and not all of them are offering a full-coverage and foundation-like coverage. Can you imagine bringing this product in your kit and it can act as a foundation as well?

Let's do a quick review of the Self Beauty Glam Up Concealer in Peanut. 


Price: 710php
Where to Buy: Charis Shop
Available in 2 shades: Coconut, Peanut

  • Seamless coverage with one pass
  • Lightly sinks into the skin
  • Smooth Blending - adjustable coverage for even layering
  • Full Coverage - Super thin but even, all-over coverage
  • Undetectable Layering - velvety-matte finish without residue after application
  • Durability -  Long-lasting durability like getting fully veiled without darkening

The Self Beauty Glam Up Concealer comes in a rectangular liquid lipstick tube and a box upon purchase. It has a flat tip brush with a sunflower seed shape that prevents chalky coverage and enables thin blending.

Arm swatch of the Self Beauty Glam Up Concealer in the shade Peanut

Whenever I'm too lazy to apply layers of foundation and concealer, and I just need a quick touch up and hide my dark pimple marks, I use the Self Beauty Glam Up Concealer as my foundation too! It really has full coverage with just a few swipes on the skin. It is best blended using a flat brush for seamless coverage. It provides flawless coverage as well.

Its claims to provide long-wearing texture that forms a thin veil immediately sinks into the skin and provides coverage all day long is true! I used this concealer from my start of shift and it did stay up to 5 hours of coverage. It stays longer if you prime your face and set it with powder.

It has a lightweight formula that easily sits onto the skin. You wouldn't feel like you put something on your face! It has a build-able texture that as you layer it onto your skin, it can create a natural, up to flawless skin!

I highly recommend this concealer for everyone who wants full coverage when hiding their skin imperfections.

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