Peach C Easy Matte Lipstick in Spring Coral

I get easily captivated by pastel colors and I am so happy that finally get to try another Korean brand of makeup that matches my favorite color: Pink.

For today, let's do a quick review of the Peach C Easy Matte Lipstick in Spring Coral. 

Prize: 760php. Get 13% OFF when you buy from my Charis Shop.
Available in 5 shades: Spring Coral, Retro Peach, Scarlet Pink, Tangerine Red, and Dahlia Red. 

I'm planning to get the rest of the shades soon for a swatch party! 

The Peach C Easy Matte Lipstick in Spring Coral comes in a magnetic bullet lipstick style square case. It is heavier than other regular lipsticks and extra points for the pastel packaging. I seriously wanted to hoard all of the shades. 

  • It has a nice coral orange shade that is very flattering and perfect for daily use. 
  • It is creamy when applied to the lips but dries matte. 
  • Althoughbit dries matte, It doesn't dry out the lips, instead, it makes it look more plump and moisturized. 
  • It's not transfer-proof but unlike any other lipsticks, the Peach C Easy Matte Lipstick doesn't transfer most of the product onto your cups/mugs. 
  • It is pigmented at one swipe, blendable, and doesn't cake
  • Lasts long for about 3-4 hours without retouch

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