What's your favorite Scrap Booking Stuff?

Ever since I was a kid, I already started collecting stationery and sticker stuffs. Trading stationery stuffs with my fellow classmates has been a lot of fun, especially if you get to trade more beautiful ones. I've been into scrap booking and decorating planners and simple notebooks when it was still a hit doing friendship letters, and just doing it for fun. I usually buy fancy notebooks and scrap books just to display them at home. Because of their cute designs, more often than not, I only buy them for flatlay and decoration purposes, and for scrap book gifts. Truth be told, I am a self-confessed paper and notebook addict since I was 10.

I think it became one of my hidden talents - decorating scrap books and planners. Whenever I give gifts to special people, I make them scrap books with all our memories together, and to make it extra personal, I make sure I make handwritten letters, and even decorate the scrap book with stickers and printed designs.

Scrap booking has been very close to my heart because it adds a personal touch to every content that I make.

For today, I want to share with you some of the stuffs that I use whenever I am making scrap books.

1. Blank Notebook or Sketch pads
If I don't usually have a budget for real blank scrap books, I use notebooks or sketch pads as an alternative. As long as the pages are not lined, I can work my magic.

2. Stickers and Other Scrap Book decors
I either buy stickers online, print free planner and scrap book downloadables on a sticker paper, or buy real scrap book decors in local book stores. While scrap book stuffs can be quite expensive sometimes, I discovered an affordable alternative where you can either print these on matte or glossy sticker papers and cut them out. These scrap book svg files from Design Bundles can totally rock the design of either your planner or your scrap book. If you're a fan of sunflowers, Design Bundles has their sunflower svg under the Sunflower Collection Cut Files  that is ready for download and printing.

3. Washi Tapes 
Washi tapes has been a trend since the past few years and adds extra accent to every design being made. With a lot of variety available in the market, you can surely have a lot to choose from - ranging from the designs, and even sizes of each tapes. You just got to choose the right one that suits your personality.

4. Decorative and Colorful Pens 
Who would want a plain looking scrap book? Scrap books are usually made colorful, and using decorative and colorful pens will make the scrap book extra beautiful. Instead of using just plain black ink, why not play with pink, green, or violet shades? You can even buy neon colors, pastel colors, or glittered pens all over local book stores.

You can make scrap booking easier by downloading readily available designs, or even making your own designs if you are Photoshop-savvy. 

Are you ready to make your own scrap book? Let me know what are your favorite scrap booking stuffs!

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