Ellana Minerals Lab2Love Customized Cosmetics

Wouldn't it be nice to have a cosmetic item named after you? How about customized after your liking?

Ellana Minerals recently launched a new program to empower makeup lovers and are aimed to co-create cosmetics. They will call this program Lab2Love Customized Cosmetics.

An overview of how it is done: You will be able to select your own colors to perfectly suit your skin tone and personality. Boost formulation with your own powerhouse blend of active ingredients to make your skin better with daily use. This concept is formulated for our delicate skins.

Let me show you my finalized lip and cheek drunk blush, and I am naming it after me - Shyiee So Love

I bought this Ellana Branded container when I got my free lip and cheek drunk blush last August 14 when I visited the Ellana HQ in Makati. Me and other Ellana ladies gathered to witness how customized cosmetics are being done.

To show you how my shade was done, here's a photo collage.

There are several pigments, scents, and active ingredients that you can choose from. You can choose between matte, shimmers, and glossy ones. As for me, I chose  the orange-y one because I recently wanted coral shades on my vanity kit.

After choosing your colors and pigments, you will be asked to choose your scents and they will be the one to blend it. After carefully mixing all of your ingredients, they will bake it to a pan using microwave.

And tadaaa! Your customized lip and cheek drunk blush is ready.
I was torn if I wanted it more nude or pinkish, but I'll probably try on other shades when applicable.

Ellana will be launching the Lab2Love Customized Cosmetics on the Cosmopolitan Beauty Con at SMX Mall of Asia.

Here's my lip and cheek drunk blush:

It was made up of Sangria pigment, Halo shimmers, Avocado Oil, and Strawberry Daquiri as scent.

The finished product is very nice and is dual purpose. It can be used as lipstick or blush on. Dual purpose cosmetics are hot these days because it will save space on your vanity kit.

My thoughts:

  • I really love the scent of this lip and cheek blush.
  • It is pigmented and easy to blend.
  • Because of the shimmer from Halo, it does have some glitters but not visible all the time.
  • The product may be just enough for a month or more to be finished
  • It doesn't irritate my lips and cheeks
  • Unfortunately, it is not advisable to be used on the eye lids, because the skin on our lids are sensitive.
  • The shade that I chose is quite dark when applied to the cheeks so what I usually do is put on some additional powder to tone it down.
  • When applied on the lips, it feels lightweight. 
  • As for the longevity, it lasts for about 3-4 hours on the lips, and all day for the cheeks. Probably because it has nude orange-y color, it can easily be removed.
I will try to create darker shades soon!

This is how it looks like when applied to the lips and cheeks. Looks very natural right? 

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