There's a New Instagrammable Milk Tea House in McKinley! Black Sugar TaiwanTea

The Philippines has recently been in a milk tea craze and milk tea houses came popping out everywhere. While most of the milk tea stores in the country are only structured as to-go counters, there's a new milk tea house in McKinley Hill which has dine-in options, and has one of the most Instagrammable spots!

With today's generation's love of IG-worthy places, Black Sugar Taiwan Tea's haven is a must-visit of you want to achieve your IG #feedgoals right on the spot. 

Let's take a quick tour in Back Sugar Tea house ❤

Black Sugar opened in February and is offering a wide range of beverages - from Back Sugar Tea, Fruit Teas, Fruit Shakes, Bubble Sodas, Charcoal Series, and even snacks. 

Bubble Teas has recently been a hype in the country and people just can't get enough of these dessert drinks filled with Taiwan black tea, milk, sugar syrup, with chewy tapioca pearls on top. 

The main entrance is very welcoming and you can easily what's cooking up inside. Black Sugar Tea has a spacious interior and pastel lovers will definitely love to hang out here with friends and family.

Who wouldn't love those pink chairs with hearts? By just having a quick peek on the inside, this milk tea house is indeed cozy and calming.

IG-Influencers wouldn't let this corner pass! This half-dove cage makes it extra magical ❤

Here's the counter where all the magic happens!

Isn't those wall decors lovely? I would love to have them on my room, maybe?

This wall decor is definitely one of the best! Be your own kind of beautiful 😉

Oops! And of course, let me share what you can buy from here. Everything is affordable at 200php and below. Dine-in for two and you'll probably just spend below 1000php including snacks/rice meals. 

One of their best sellers is the Black Sugar Boba Milk. Their milk teas are packed into this cute cup. If you're having it as to-go, it's covered with a hard plastic cover with straw sloot.

What does it taste?

  • The tapioca pearls are chewy and sweet. It's like frozen hot brown sugar. 
  • The milk is unsweetened and matches the sweet pearls. 
  • Overall, there's nothing really special about this drink
  • The Black Sugar Choco Dirty Milk is too sweet. If you're a fan of chocolate drinks, it might be one of your faves, but if you're not used to super sweet drinks, this isn't the one for you.
  • The whole drink will have your stomach full. It didn't make me hungry until the next day, for real.
  • You might think that the container is small but it's just about the right serving.
I wish there's an option to choose for sugar level. The cashier didn't ask me but I'll ask on my next visit if there's an option for sugar level.

They have the cutest to-go carry-on box! Plus points because the plastic cup is sturdy that you can actually reuse it if you're fond of collecting cute cups.

Will update the blog with food options within the week.

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