Pamper Time: Nail Extension at I Do Nails McKinley Hill

Earlier this year, I was invited by the Orly team on the launch of their newest Orly Builder in a Bottle and one of the perks that I got from the PR Kit is a free service of nail extensions on any I Do Nails branches. It's been a while since I featured nail salons here on my blog - I've been really busy with my work as a QA that my routine is work-sleep-work-sleep. It feels great to do some pamper session again after a long day of busy work schedule.

For today, I will share a quick review of how nail extension works using the Orly Builder in a Bottle polish.

I scheduled an appointment at I Do Nails McKinley to avail my free service. I was the first one to be in their salon that day so I got the chance to take a photo of how the salon looks like without people. They have a purple and lavender theme that is very soft in the eyes. I like seeing nail salons with pastel themes because it is very relaxing.

Here is the coupon/voucher that I got from the launch!
 Nail Extensions using Orly Builder in a Bottle costs 1,500php for a regular rate. Service includes a quick hand massage and spa, cleaning, and regular nail polish.

I wanted to have a wall like this in my room!

I Do Nails salon is using OPI, Orly, and other biigger brands of nail polish in the country.

Let's start of with how my nails looked like before the service. 

During the launch event, I had a gel nail polish done before going home and when it was broken 2 months after, I tried to remove it by myself. I didn't know that it should be removed with a process in nail salons so my nails became softer and brittle. I hated how it looked like because it had cracks so I hide it by putting regular local nail polishes.

Anyways, my nail technician cleaned my nails and prepared it for the nail extensions part.

It was my first time having nail extensions. These stuffs are quite new to me.

After cleaning and preparing for the nail extensions, she put this nail cardboard at the tip of my nails. This cardboard measures how long will the nail extensions be. I opted to choose 1.5cm nail extensions. This will serve as a guide when she swipes the Orly Builder in a Bottle polish for the extensions.

After putting on the polish, there will be a 30 to 60 seconds drying under this nail lamp to harden the polish and let it sit on the original nail.

This is how it looks like after putting polish and drying under the nail lamp. My nail technician did some nail file to shape my nails into square and my nails finally looked like below:

I can't believe that it looks like a real nail! It made my hand look thinner too. After nail file, she already put on a regular polish and had it dried again under the nail lamp.

And tadaaa!! This is the final look of my nails!

It took unbelievably 3 hours to finish both hands! And it was very worth it. It's kind of weird at first because of the length. Good thing I only chose 1.5cm. To be honest it was hard to type on touch screen that's why I use my middle finger to type. lol. It's also hard to type on keyboard so I use the main finger instead of having the nail touch the keys.

It's been a week since I had the nail extensions and it haven't chipped yet. I did my laundry a few days ago and there is not a single chip on my nails. I think I should invest in this kind of nail pampering every once in a quarter.

I hope this extension will last for more than a month, same as a gel nail polish does!

I Do Nails:
Address: Ground Floor, Building 1, Tuscany at McKinley Hill, Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, 1634 Kalakhang Maynila
Phone: (02) 823 3495

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