Can you really get whiter with Misumi's Bihaku?

I used to take Glutathione pills before to maintain my glowing skin and to possibly lighten my uneven skintone. Glutathione pills can sometimes be risky because it is being taken internally and one wouldn't know if it is effective or not. Truth be told, pills can lighten the skin faster than any other whitening products. If you want a lighter skin and only want it to take place on the outside of your body, there are whitening skincare products in he market who will do that for you.

With today's trend of whitening products, - soap, cream, lotion - I have only tried a few brands that really does what it claims.

About a month ago, I received this whitening set from The Tiffany Store. I have been seeing lots of positive feedback about Misumi's Bihaku products and wondering if I can still get a whiter skin. With my previous beach travels, I admit that I got my skin tanned, but read on to see if Misumi's Bihaku set can really whiten the skin.


The Bihaku Wonder soap is just a normal whitening soap and doesn't smell like any fruity flavors. It easily make suds on the skin. 

The Bihaku Whitening lotion has a creamy to runny consistency that smells like bubble gum. It's a first time to have a body lotion that smells like bubble gum instead of papaya. When applied to the skin, it dries easily and doesn't become sticky. I use it before going to bed.

The Bihaku Wonder Bleach on the other hand is quite sticky to spread onto the skin. I apply this product after having body wash and soap and cleanse it few minutes after. It also has a bubble gum scent like the Bihaku Whitening Lotion.

I don't often have visible whitening effects when using whitening products but the Bihaku whitening set really did some sort of magic. Who knows I can still achieve fairer skin than what I have before?

Tanned Skin - June 2018 up to Dec 2018. I didn't use any whitening products within 6 months because I keep on travelling.

Fairer skin after 1 month of using the Bihaku set

Would I recommend this set? Definitely, yes!

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