With Me's Signal Velvet Lip Master in Mood Signal - Review

Happy Love Month everyone! I've been quite busy with office works lately and I'm having a hard time catching up with my backlogs. But I got way too excited when I received this package from Charis. Everyone knows how much I fancy nude lipsticks for the longest time and that makes it more exciting.

For today, let me share a quick review of the Signal Velvet Lip Master in Mood Signal.

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With Me's Signal Velvet Lip Master in Mood Signal comes in a small plastic cylinder container with a small wand aplicator. It is in a liquid lipstick form.

The wand applicator is very smooth and easy to spread on the lips. It is not stiff like other regular applicators. This one bends easily to evenly distribute the product onto the lips.

Mood Signal is in a brown-orange shade that feels creamy when applied and turns velvet matte afterwards. It lasts for around 4-5 hours even after eating. It's not sticky on the lips as well.

This shade is just so me and I am definitely keeping it in my vanity kit. The above photos shows how it looks like when applied to the lips.

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