Unboxing Style Genie Love Local Box - Pastels

Have you ever thought that most of us patronize international brands because we think that the more well-known the brand is, the more fashionable it is? And the reason why most of us don't wear local brands is that, we think it's cheap and not stylish at all.

Well, I will tell you this: Wearing local brands doesn't make you less of a person. It's not about the brand, it's about how you carry it that matters. I have heard a lot of people condemn people wearing local brands, but the truth is, sometimes our local brands even look more #ootd-worthy than some of those high-end brands. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm also a fan of some international brands, but I cannot also deny that whenever I buy local ones, they tend to last longer than the previous.

Style Genie recently started a campaign for us fashion enthusiasts to support local brands. With the emerging trends of clothes and fashion items all over the world, why not take the lead on supporting locally made clothes?

For today, let me just share a quick peek on what's inside my surprise box from Style Genie: Love Local Box

Basic Love Local Style Boxes costs 1,499php and may contain 2pcs of mixed accessories and clothing items depending on how you filled out your style profile.

They also have the Deluxe Love Local Style Box worth 2,499php and contains 5pcs mixed accessories and clothing. If you want to go premium and receive 10pcs of fashion items, go for the Premium Love Local Style Boxes worth 5,499php.

Creating your Style Profile is very easy. Just register here and you will be redirected to the registration page and style profile creation.

As usual, the Style Genie team will curate the box based on your style profile and include a little note on what fashion items you can pair up with the contents.

Style Genie sent me a pink high waist shorts and a pair of marble dangling earrings for this box and I am going to pair it up with the following fashion items below.

Heels from Hue Manila; Bag from SM Parisian, Top from Chipipay; Shorts and Earrings from Style Genie, and Shades that I bought from Divisoria

I don't usually do OOTD posts because I am not so fashionable myself, but I agree that you don't have to spend much on clothing to look good. You just need to learn how to mix and match and viola, off you go!

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