Here's a peek to Design Your Life Planner 2019

I am guilty of collecting cute stationery stuffs and keeping them inside a box without using them, because how can you seriously write on them if they have cute designs? I mean honestly, I think I have spent thousands of pesos buying stationery that I don't use. 

Planners and journals with pastel designs attracts my eyes every time, so it is best that I don't see a lot of them, or else, bye money! 

That is what happened when I saw this cute planner in Shopee. To be honest, I don't literally plan out everything except if I have blog events and schedules that I need to meet. But most of the time, things happen unexpectedly and doesn't turn out to what was planned.

Every December, I am on a hunt for planners and for 2019, I am designing my life with CNS Design's Design Your Life Planner.

Let me show you some quick shots of what's inside the Design Your Life Planner 2019. 

Price: 650php
Where to buy: CNS Designs at Shopee / cnsdesigns at Instagram

The Design Your Life Planner has this cardboard ruler included. Cute stickers inside a mini slip on page!

It also includes a thank you card and a gift card just in case you are giving this as a gift.

These are the planner sections.

I like that CNS Designs did this kind of divider to easily find the page that you are looking for.

Goals tracker

Goals Tracker to keep track of what you need and want to achieve for the next year.

Event Planner
Event Planner - too busy to check individual month schedules? You can list them down here as a summary.

Lists pages

Here in the Lists pages, you can list down important notes like your ID#s, etc. Just be careful not to lose your planner or else, your identity will not be safe 😉

The Last Time and Monthlies tracker
These pages are to keep track of your lasts (ex: last period, etc) and what you need to accomplish every month.

Cash Flow Tracker
If you're the type of person who wants to record and keep track of how much you are earning vs spending vs saving, this page is a perfect place to pen down those numbers.

The Key page

If you are like me who keeps forgetting passwords, this page will help you keep track of them. Just make sure you have some special codes or letters that only you can decode to keep your online accounts safe!

The Planner
The Planner pages is consist of the 12-month sheets - containing a monthly and weekly summary, including your monthly events and expenses tracker. It has different designs per month to love!

Travel Checklist

Love travelling? Worry no more because these pages will help you keep track of the stuffs you need to bring and what your travel itinerary would be.

Notes pages

Not enough spaces from the weekly planner? You can jot them down here in the Notes Pages if needed.

I think this planner is perfect for girl bosses who have a lot to do and who likes organizing stuffs and seeing their plans in one place. 

Although this is too cute to write on, the Design Your Life Planner 2019 will be my daily companion on meetings, blog events, and travels. I am so excited to write down special events and celebrations here.

How about you, how are you going to design your life in 2019? 

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