CP-1 Raspberry Hair Vinegar - Review

I have been having problems with my hair because of dryness and frizz. It has been chemically abused due to my love of doing hair colors and treatments that I wasn't able to maintain its bouncy and soft texture. I have tried several hair products to tame the frizz but everything just works out temporarily. To be honest, I don't like a total flat straight hair. I want it to have volume and at the same time, looks natural.

This CP-1 Raspberry Hair Vinegar (350php) has been on my Althea Wishlist and Cart for the longest time because I have been wanting to try it because it claims to tame the frizz. Read on to see if it satisfied me.

Price: 350php for 500ml bottle
Where to buy: Althea Korea


  • Lightweight in-shower hair treatment
  • Conditions, detangles, and smooths troubled hair.
  • Keeps the hair healthy and smelling like berries
Raspberry vinegar extract - purifies the scalp and soothes sensitivities for fresh, healthy hair.
Pepermint leaf extract - cools and refreshes the scalp
Olive Oil - deeply moisturizing and protects the hair from dehydration.

The CP-1 Raspberry Hair Vinegar comes in a 500ml bottle that can last up to 4-5 months depending on usage. Mine is still 2/3 away from being empty after using for 2 months.

What I think:

  • At first it is quite strange to hear "hair vinegar".
  • The raspberry scent is very mild and not too overpowering. You'd love to smell your hair over and over.
  • You can use it as in-shower treatment after your shampoo to detangle your hair. 
  • When applied evenly into the scalp, it helps make the hair smooth and tangle free
  • It does tame frizzy hair but not totally. There is still a bit of frizz but not causing your hair to be more thick.
  • It doesn't make the scalp itchy after usage.
  • I like that it lessens the hair volume because my hair is totally a mess when I don't tie it up. When I am using this hair vinegar, I usually don't worry about putting my hair down.
  • For me it's effective in a way that it helps make the hair smell fresh and at the same time, healthy. It lessen the dryness of the hair.
  • You have to use it daily to see better results. Skipping may bring back the frizz and dryness especially that we are in a humid country.

100% will buy again.

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