U:RE Skin Eggplant Master Cream - Review

Skincare time sweeties! I just celebrated my birthday and let's face it, we are all getting old daily. As much as we want to stop the time and stay young, we can't. Although we cannot lessen our age, there are ways where we can prevent the early signs of skin aging.

I'm a fan of makeup and wayback before I become a blogger, I am not used to taking care of my skin. But then I realized that as I age, skincare is really essential because having beautiful skin is better than concealing it with makeup.

Eggplant Master Cream Description
Made with all natural ingredients, the Eggplant Master Cream acts to prevent aging and promote healthy, rejuvenated skin while keeping hydration of eggplant cream. Safe to use on all kinds of skin due to its nature of only natural.

Price: 1,900php
Where to buy: U:RE Skin Philippines

The Eggplant Master Cream comes in a small tub of glass where it contains the cream.

The cream has a very thick paste-like consistency that is easy to spread. I tried this amount of product can even be used up to the neck area. 


  • Its scent is not too strong but you can smell a hint of paste-ish scent.
  • The scent is not too overpowering.
  • Makes the skin smooth and moisturized after use.
  • Didn't cause irritation at all
  • As I don't have visible fine lines yet, I don't see the signs of aging prevention.
  • The cream does hydrate the skin

I am going to keep track of the progress while using this cream, but as of the moment, what ot actually does for my skin is keeping my face smooth every day.

It is best to be used at night to make sure that the skin absorbs the cream and wake up having a fresh skin.

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