Unboxing Giltbox Lite July Box: Kiss Me

It's been quite sometime since I did an unboxing post. I have been on hiatus with beauty boxes and I'm finally trying it again. It is my first time to unbox Giltbox and I'm giving my first impressions abou it for today.

Giltbox was previously known as Saladbox and this beauty box was known to have 5 to 6 samples in one box. It always has a surprise effect because you don't know what's inside until you receive it. That element is kinda a pro and a con in one because what's inside the box can be useful or not.

Recently, Giltbox had a promo where 1 lite box will cost 300 pesos. Originally, a Giltbox costs 500-600 per box. I think that this promo is very affordable especially for students who wants to try out products that are not usually in the market.

For this box, I received 4 products (plus 3 other mighty bond products). It contains 1 deluxe sample of Benefit's They're Real Double The Lip lipstick, Angel Skin glutathione soap, Ladouce tampons, and a sachet of Bio-Oil cleanser.

The They're Real Double the Lip lipstick is my favorite sample. If you are going to buy this at Benefit counters, deluxe samples usually costs around 400 to 500 pesos. So if you subscribed to Giltbox Lite, you do get your money back as one box costs 300 pesos.

I haven't tried using tampons so it's now the time to try it, and the new soap as well.

This is for ladies who likes getting surprises. For me, getting the Giltbox Lite is worth it because of what's inside. We'll see about the August Giltbox.

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