Comfort like babies with Charmee Menstrual Panties

Ladies, our monthly period is a gift! Although it gives us the sticky and uncomfortable feeling down there, it makes us a woman.

We shouldn't compromise our feminine hygiene and with the many options available in the market, menstrual pads offer the same protection for us.

I was quite curious about this Charmee Menstrual Pants so I bought 1 pack to try. I believe it is the first brand to release a menstrual panty to give us a more secure and anti-leak and comfortable feeling while on our period.

Price: 52php in Watsons
Contains 2 panties in 1 pouch
Available in leading supermarkets and drug stores nationwide.

The Charmee Menstrual Pants comes in a pouch with 2 panty-like pads. It is like a baby's diaper for us women. 

If you closely look, it is garterized and the pad is fully protected.  It comes in medium size that can fit 26-35 waistline. Since it is garterized, it is a bit stretchable but not like literal panties. It can break if it doesn't fit you well. 

The Charmee Menstrual Panties are best to be used during nights or heavy flows so you feel safe on not getting back leaks and stains. 

After usage, it didn't cause any irritation at all. I also have more freedom to move because I feel comfortable that I won't have leaks. I think this is better than using night pads during night. 

The only con is that, since it is in a panty style, it can take up extra space in your pants if you use it during day time. It's quite visible that you are wearing a diaper.

But, protection-wise to back leaks, the Charmee Mentrual Panties are perfect! 

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  1. Yeah, we need better care when we are on our period XD


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