Sample Room Haul: Belo Essentials

I made a recent purchase at Sample Room because I am pretty curious about Belo's newest papaya soap. I am addicted to papaya soaps because they do smell good and keeps the skin fresh and lighter.

Sample Room didn't fail me. The first time I opened the bag, I instantly smelled the fragrance of the soap. I felt giddy to use it on my night bath. 

Here's an overview of what I purchased and my thoughts about it.

Belo Papaya Soap
Harnessed from the power of nature, the new Belo Essentials Papaya not only brightens the skin, but also exfoliates with jojoba beads and helps the skin to be clear from pimples and other impurities with Beetox. Plus, it has an amazing and unique fruity scent that’s long-lasting and fresh.

An herbal soap for the face and body. Expertly formulated. Dermatologist-tested. Use daily for best results.

Natural Papaya Extract  – Inhibits formation of melanin that causes skin darkening
Purified Bee Venom        – Helps reduce growth and inflammation of pimples
Jojoba Beads                     – Naturally slough off dead skin cells.

FULL SIZES:     65g / 135g
PRICES:            PHP 29.75 / PHP 64.75

My thoughts:
Papaya soaps are just so fragrant that you can't resist smelling and using it all over.  When I opened the package from Sample Room I instantly smelled the fragrance of the soap. It wasn't itchy at all and I feel like I'm bathing with papaya and milk. When I take a shower at night, I can still feel a bit of the papaya scent when I wake up. It literally makes anyone smell and feel pretty and fresh.

Belo Intensive Whitening Micropeeling Toner
The power of Kojic Acid + Traxenamic Acid in one intensive whitening toner. With micropeeling technology that gently clears away dead skin without visible peeling and flaking.

- Exfoliates skin to allow the whitening actives to penetrate deeper
- Reduces the appearance of stubborn dark spots
- Eliminates impurities, dirt, and makeup residue
- Paraben-free. Non-comedogenic. Hypoallergenic.


Belo Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream

A luxurious, moisture-rich face and neck cream with the powerful combination of Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid that intensively whitens skin. SPF 30 further protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

It is expertly formulated, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.

Full size: 50g
Price: PHP 249.75

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