Abbamart Blush, Concealer, and Eye Shadow minis - Review

This is a waaaay long overdue post because I got these makeups last year on my Althea Turns 2 Birthday Box but I haven't reviewed them yet. To be honest, these products are too cute to use but I use them anyway.

Let me share some quick reviews about each.

Abbamart Shy Smile Blusher Rose Gold - 260php

The Abbamart Shy Smile Blusher has a bit of shimmer when applied. It is a rosy pink shade, hence the name - Rose Gold. This blush on is very compact. It is easy to apply and blend however it is not very pigmented. I need to swipe at least twice or thrice before it can color the cheeks. This blush on is perfect for daily use because its shade is not too strong, and will give you a subtle pinkish glow.

Eyes on Me Eye Shadow Singles - Cinnamon 190php

This mini eye shadow singles are perfect if you only want to get the shades that you want or that you will use because sometimes, eye shadow pallette shades can't be used every time. I got the shade Cinnamon as it is very easy to pair up with other nude shades to create an everyday look. This is not very pigmented and quite hard to blend, unfortunately. I have to apply a few layers before I get the shade that I want. It also has shimmer and some fallouts when being applied.

You Can Cover Me Concealer - 140php
Concealers in pots are sometimes unhygeinic to use especially if you are not fond of using brushes. I either use my finger or a concealer brush when I want to use this concealer. I can feel like I'm using Naturactor concealer. As for the coverage, ot is light to medium and can cover redness. It works well for its price.

Here are the swatches:

Top-Bottom: Blush On; Eye Shadow; Concealer
Bottomline, these minis from Abbamart are very affordable and performs well. I will recommend it to beginners who are starting to build their makeup kits.

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