2nd Month Novuskin Journey

Happy New Year sweeties! I have gone MIA again trying to pick up my pieces and put it back to my writing passion. I have been bombarded with so much work before 2017 ends so here's my second post in 2018. If you have been following me on Instagram, you might have seen this golden box already. It is my 2nd month trying out this anti-aging capsules and for today I am going to share further results.

My first month of using Novuskin was a challenging one. I didn't know if this will work for me because I have probably exceeded to the point where my skin can no longer whiten. Fortunately, I got tanned skin in the last quarter of 201 so I would know if this will work.

Although Novuskin Lift doesn't only whiten and acts as a glutathione, I am still surprised that it kind of worked for me. I usually tell people and my readers if a product didn't work for me. Well behold people, I am seeing bits of improvement in my skin.

Before I tried using Novuskin Lift, I used to get cystic pimples with pus and the painful pink lump. However when I started taking it, I noticed that cystic pimples lessen. My skin isn't perfect. I have fine lines and wrinkles that a 26-year old shouldn't have at this stage. But I am happy how Novuskin Lift improved my skin condition in a span of 2 months.

I think I am going to continue using it until people will get mistaken of my age. :)

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